How To: Wake Up Early ♦


Many of us have to get up early. Whether it is for school, or for a job, or even for an event. Normally, it is dreaded. When we do get up early, some of us could have a foggy mind, a decrease in our attention span, and overall, just plain crankiness. Although, there are ways to avoid it!

Here are some tips to wake up early ♥

  1. Don’t have dinner too late.

Pre-sleep snacks are pretty tasty, but they make things much more complicated. Eating right before bed will make your digestive system work while you are trying to sleep. That makes it harder to find a comfortable position in bed, and you will find that it is harder to sleep.

     2. Go to sleep earlier.

People may find this difficult, but it is quite simple. I  know, that the brain loves to let us think about EVERYTHING that happened in our life before we sleep, but there are ways to avoid that! First of all, limiting brain stimulation is one of the most helpful ways to sleep earlier. When you go on a device, the blue light will make your brain think it is daytime. Thus, making you stay up later. Also, try listening to some softer music before bed. It will not make you alert, unlike genres like hard rock.

      3.  Prepare for the next day.

This will save panic for the next day. Pick out your outfit, shoes, and choose what you want to do with your hair for tomorrow. So when you wake up, you won’t need to stress about how you will look.

      4. NEVER hit snooze.

Alright, its 7:00 in the morning, and you alarm is shrieking. Your first instinct will probably be to hit snooze and go back to sleep. You can avoid this by:
  • Putting your alarm (or device, whatever you have your alarm on) in a place where you will have to get up to turn it off.
  • If you have a device, turn the alarm up so that it will be very loud.
  • In my opinion, putting a softer song as your alarm is better, since it will not scare you when you wake up.

      5. Have good thoughts about the day.

Who would want to wake up early to a bad day? The night before, think of some things that you are happy about for the next day. It will make your mood better, and you will not be as upset for having to wake up early!

If you practice these everyday, you can even make this a habit! These are things that I do, and now I am able to wake up early without an alarm clock, and I love it.

I hope you enjoy this tip! Comment below and tell me if these have worked for you! ◊